BSi First Aid Kit

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Essential First Aid Kits in the Workplace: The BSI Range

In any workplace, the presence of first aid kits is critical. Let's explore the BSI range of first aid kits, available in small, medium, and large sizes, with a focus on the small BSI kit. It's also worth noting the HSE kits as an older variant.

Comparing BSI Kits with HSE Kits

While HSE kits look similar to BSI kits on the outside, they don't contain as many items. The new standard for the General Workplace is now the BSI kit. However, when selecting a first aid kit, conducting a risk assessment is necessary to ensure you choose the appropriate kit.

Design and Function of the BSI Kits

BSI kits come in clamshell cases that securely fasten at the top. They also feature a wall bracket for easy mounting or can be hung via a hook attached to the handle. To open, lift the top catches and flip the case open.

What's Inside a BSI First Aid Kit?

The contents of BSI kits, regardless of size, remain the same; the quantity of items varies. Let's take a look inside:

  • First Aid Guidance Leaflet: Provides important information about recovery positions, how to perform CPR, and other basic first aid knowledge.
  • Gloves: BSI kits contain six pairs of gloves to cater to situations with multiple casualties or first aiders. This is a notable difference from the HSE kits, which only contain one pair of gloves.
  • Triangular Bandages: Versatile and can be used for various purposes, including slings or packing and padding for wounds.
  • Conventional Dressings: Ideal for cuts, featuring a woven gauze pad for easy use.
  • Thermal Blankets: Useful for keeping patients warm, especially those experiencing shock due to blood loss.
  • Wipes: Useful for cleaning wounds or dirt off hands.
  • Resuscitation Face Shield: Single-use item for rescue resuscitation.
  • Plasters: Assorted sizes for various wound types.
  • Eye Pad Dressings: Specifically for eye injuries.
  • Conforming Bandage and Micropore Tape: Useful for securing dressings and splints.
  • Shears: Safe for cutting clothing and dressings.
  • Larger HSE Dressings: For larger injuries.
  • Burn Gel Dressing: Useful when running cold water isn't available for cooling burns.
  • Finger Dressings: Specifically for finger injuries.

Catering Versions of BSI Kits

The BSI range also includes catering versions of the kits. These variants have blue dressings with embedded strips, allowing easy detection by X-ray or magnetic machines if a plaster ends up in food products during preparation.

For More Information

If you need more details about these kits, visit our website or contact us. Though these kits are targeted at businesses, they can be used for home first aid as well, as they contain all the necessary items.